Finalist 2019: Altered Nozzle

Finalist 2019: Altered Nozzle This is the story of a prototype tucked away in a chest of drawers that, through a family dinner, became a global design success and at the same time helps reduce water spillage around the world. From a chest of drawers and a viral Kickstarter campaign to a global company with […]

Finalist 2019: BIO X

Finalist 2019: BIO X With the cost-effective BIO X, researchers are be able to 3D print human organs. This is the bioprinter of the future from CELLINK, praised by researchers all over the world. After receiving feedback on its first bioprinter from some of the world’s top researchers, CELLINK went back to the drawing board. […]

Finalist 2019: Bob

Finalist 2019: Bob Infinite number of possibilities with as few components as possible. Based on this description, Blå Station with Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius created Bob – the sofa group that revolutionized the industry. Through a brief open to great freedom of interpretation but with clear wishes for sustainability, logistics and production, no one […]

Finalist 2019: OP-Z

Finalist 2019: OP-Z How do you make an already portable synthesizer even more portable? Teenage Engineering asked themselves that question and went back to the drawing board to build a synth that could control an entire live show. With the OP-Z, Teenage Engineering didn’t just build a Grand Award of Design – nominated synthesizer. OP-Z […]

Finalist 2019: Renova

Finalist 2019: Renova With an increased interest in sustainability work, Renova saw a need to make it easier for its customers to follow their recycling work in statistics through educational UX design. With a focus on the customer and sustainability, this finalist in the Grand Award of Design developed a simple and stylish UX design […]


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