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Teknikföretagen is looking for the 2020 winner of the Grand Award of Design

Do you have your eye on a commercially successful product or service that is based on integrated and consistent design work? Now is your chance to nominate it for the Grand Award of Design. 

The Great Award of Design is awarded by Teknikföretagen in collaboration with the Svensk Industridesign (SVID) and Svensk Form. The nomination period for the 2020 award is now open and everyone has the opportunity to nominate contributions until January 31, 2020.

– We award the Grand Award of Design to highlight the importance of design for competitiveness and profitability, says Patricia Kempff, who is head of business policy at Teknikföretagen and a member of the Grand Award of Design jury.

Products, services or ranges – from Swedish companies and their internal or external design suppliers – can compete in the Great Award of Design. Fundamental to the assessment are function and design. Crucial – the extent to which the design built long-term commercial success. Other important parts are user perspective, design strategy, innovative height, news value, production adaptation, ergonomics and environmental aspects.

– Among the previous winners is a wide range of products, including the cinema printer BIO X, the electric motorcycle Kalk and Pocket Operators, which is a musical instrument in pocket format. The common denominator is that they are examples of how competitiveness can be strengthened through design and innovation, says Patricia Kempff.

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How does the competition work?

Now in December, nominations for the Grand Award of Design open. Based on the crop of nominations, it is then the Grand Award of Design jury’s task to appoint five finalists and finally choose the winner. In addition to the jury’s winner, the “Audience’s favourite” is also chosen through a public vote.

What does the winner get?

The prize sum for the winner of the Great Award of Design is 250,000 SEK and is awarded to the design supplier.


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