The Grand Award of Design was first awarded in 2003 and since then we have had time to select 19 winners and 72 finalists out of over 4000 applied companies. The collection is equally a library of inspiring examples of successful design as it is a history of Sweden’s unique innovative power.


Gold Category


Eleiko – Öppen, Barbell Collars

Lifting experience through design & innovation

Creating durable high performance products by leveraging materials and design to increase usability and reduce environmental impact.

Since the start in 1957, Eleiko has strived to offer the ultimate lifting experience. With a philosophy based on innovation, quality and usability, the company has become internationally respected and a market leader. Their launch of Open Barbell Collars manifests simplicity made smart. An investment in design and development that really has paid off. This is a true textbook example of when tradition, quality, innovation and usability meet design resulting in commercial success worldwide.


Stilride – STILRIDE 1

Inspired by the art of origami

The STILFOLD technology used to create the STILRIDE 1 chassis pushes the boundaries of how sustainable steel constructions can be implemented.


Wayout International – Plug-&-Play drinking water systems

Acceleration of the local green shift

On a mission to re-terraform Earth with complete water production systems for local coverage of perfect drinking water with minimal eco footprint.

Pioneer Category


Harvest Moon – LUNA

Dedicated to Circularity

A product based on reasearch of the old ways and the development of improved methods to create composting toilets that save water and turns human waste into organic soil fertilizer.

Harvest Moon’s approach to design and details runs through the entire value chain.
With classic Swedish innovation Harvest Moon wants to make water-free toilets a part of everyday life and facilitate a more sustainable living, both on a local and global scale.
Their purpose-driven and entrepreneurial spirit makes Harvest Moon and the product Luna a great Pioneer.


Volumental – 3D Foot Scanner

Rethink fit

Volumental increases sales and rentals, reduces returns and provides a best-in-class customer experience for shoppers both in-store and online.


Zparq – Zparq Z10, Electric Outboard Motor

Challenging the limits of marine propulsion

Zparq is driving the transformation from today’s fossil-driven technology to high performance electric propulsion. The power is in our innovative technology which enables new sustainable business models.




“Powerfoyle is revolutionizing consumer electronics with its solar cell solution based on artificial photosynthesis, which charges in both indoor and outdoor lights and creates infinite energy. With a flexible design, which can be designed and adapted to the product it is integrated into, it paves the way for enormous commercial success.”

Finalists 2020

Finalists of 2020

4 Videos

Production: X Shore.

Design: X Shore.

Through the combination of design, sustainability and technology, X Shore has developed the boat concept of the future. An electric powered boat without vibrations, noise and exhaust gases – without sacrificing speed. Designed down to the last detail, with earthy colors and materials, it sets a new standard in the boating industry.




“With the cost-effective BIO X, researchers can 3D print human organs. This is the bioprinter of the future from CELLINK, which has received praise from researchers from around the world.”

Finalists 2019

Finalists of 2019

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Production: Renova Miljö.

Design: inUse.

Recycling is an essential part of developing sustainability work – Renova took this seriously by not only developing a well-designed digital portal for its customers’ follow-up work, but also creating motivation for customers to improve their operational activities from an environmental perspective through clear data.




“Light, silent and environmentally friendly – with a trend-setting and unexpected design – the electric off-road motorcycle Kalk challenges the traditional motorcycle culture. Weighing only 65 kilograms, powered by an electric drivetrain and with tires that wear less on the ground, it creates a whole new category of adventure.”

Finalists 2018

Finalists of 2018

4 Videos

Production: Fagerhult.

Design: PetterssonRudberg.

Based on research for the ultimate work light, the Sweep and Scoot luminaires respond to the screen-tight, activity-based office’s need for uncompromising light comfort. Technically advanced and with a well-thought-out design that, with its simple and timeless expression of quality, delivers high design value to environments.



ACX Power Ascender

“ACX Power Ascender is a tool that has revolutionized rope-access work in maintenance and rescue services, etc. By using design in a strategic way in its product development, Actsafe has created a product that contains both driving pleasure and safety considerations in the same product. The ACX Power Ascender has brought pride and job satisfaction to an otherwise often forgotten profession.”

Finalists 2017

Finalists of 2017

4 Videos

Production: Hövding Sverige.

Design: Hövding Sverige.



Pocket operators

“Pocket operators are small, light and stripped-down synthesizers that simplify music creation. With a compact, functional design and modern aesthetics, as well as, an attractive price level, they have created a commercial success.”

Finalists 2016

Finalists of 2016

4 Videos

Production: Permobil.

Design: Permobil.



Husqvarna Technical Extreme

”If the outdoors is your workplace you depend on your clothing to keep you comfortable, safe and efficient. Technical Extreme by Husqvarna is their most advanced work wear yet. The new collection is a leap forward in designing technical work clothes around the user with an uncompromising attention to detail. With innovative materials and field testing by professionals the Technical Extreme collection has been a great sales success finding a market in die hard professionals as well as gardening enthusiasts.”

Finalists 2015

Finalists of 2015

4 Videos

Production & design: Atlas Copco Construction Tools.



Ericsson A.I.R

”The Ericsson AIR fits two technologies into one shell. By combining a radio unit and antenna transmitter into one single casing, Ericsson has together with design company Nopicnic managed to create a unique product optimized for performance as well as being sleek and easy to install. The functional and efficient product design indicates a rigorous process with strong attention to detail and the right kind of decision-making method.”

Finalists 2014


Production: Träullit.

Design: FormUsWithLove.




“Martin Magnusson & Co is the glove maker who, by inviting professional users into the design process, turned the family business into a commercial success story and a strong global brand.”

Finalists 2013

Finalists of 2013

3 Videos

Production: Panthera.

Design: Gestalt Industriell.




“Trabec takes the new generation of MTB cyclists to unimagined heights. The helmet is built to handle tougher terrains and with increased driving pleasure. The design challenges competitors with high safety and without compromise in execution. Trabec feels nicely robust and radiates adventurous freedom. It has already been given a place among the world’s top cyclists. Behind the success is a company that knows the art of sensing trends and transforming them into ultimate solutions for their target group.”

Finalists 2012

Finalists of 2012

4 Videos

Production: Index Braille.

Design: Skapa Design Studio.




“Domino contributes to an easier everyday life for active people with impaired hearing. Crystal clear sound, smart functions and a self-instructional interface. The design is developed based on the user’s need to function and fit into modern, noisy environments; at meetings, at school, at the restaurant and outdoors. Domino increases the quality of life by elegantly cutting through the noise.”

Finalists 2011

Finalists of 2011

4 Videos

Production & design: Abu Garcia. 




“With one foot in the water and one in the office, Waterproof has succeeded in creating the industry’s “top-of-the-line product”. The keywords have been organic, technology, flowing lines and surface structure. The inspiration has been taken from the sports, car and shoe industry. The result is a fantastic craft that makes both diving professionals and landlubbers take an extra deep breath”

Finalists 2010

Finalists of 2010

4 Videos

Production: Profoto.

Design: Oxyma Innovation.




“Axis has not only created acceptance for surveillance cameras on the market by turning the threatening into safety. They have also allowed the shape to become a natural carrier of the brand and in record time have established themselves as the market leader. An excellent proof that the end result is successful when design and technology are allowed to go hand in hand throughout the entire process.”

Finalists 2009

Finalists of 2009

4 Videos

Production: Tonium.

Design: No Picnic.



T60, T120, X120, P10

“Smart design that has simplified everyday life for people with functional diversity worldwide. A communication aid on the user’s terms, where eyes replace hands. Thanks to innovative design, the company has also succeeded in broadening the field of use to “eye-tracking”. The product is an excellent analysis tool for market analysts and researchers who want to see through the eyes of the user.”

Finalists 2008

Finalists of 2008

4 Videos

Production: Ejendals.

Design: Ergonomidesign.



The DeLaval Flow

“The elaborate design manual describes design management in concrete terms. DeLaval International has taken a holistic approach to design issues and the manual explains how the company and its product range should relate to customers and users. The manual proves that clarity and consensus in the smallest detail pay off.”

Finalists 2007

Finalists of 2007

4 Videos

Production: Thermotech.

Design: Generator Industridesign.




“The mechanical heart compressor LUCAS represents design with a high degree of innovation and thoughtful use of materials. It is easy to use and has a self-instructing and safety-creating design language. LUCAS has been very positively received by users and achieved great commercial success in a recognized difficult market segment.”

Finalists 2006

Finalists of 2006

4 Videos

Production: Telesteps.

Design: T Gul Industriell Design.




“Movimento has consistently applied a well-thought-out design strategy in everything from product development and branding to customer service and administration. The diagnostic and analysis tool PUMA is an impressive result of determination and has in a short time achieved great commercial success in the market of vehicle diagnostics.”

Finalists 2005

Finalists of 2005

4 Videos

Production: DeLaval.

Design: Reload Design.



T610 – mobiltelefon

“In fierce global competition, the T610’s commercial success has marked a turning point for Sony Ericsson. A small group of designers has created a product that stands out in the crowd with its style and functions. With the T 610, Sony Ericsson has combined advanced technology with intuitive user friendliness into a sophisticated experience machine.”

Finalists 2004

Finalists of 2004

4 Videos

Production & design: Liko.



XC 90

“In a short time, the XC 90 has established itself in an extremely competitive segment through progressive design utilization and with fidelity to traditional Volvo values such as safety, environment and visual identity. A commercial success that is not only limited to the company, but also provides significant export income for Sweden.”

Finalists 2003


Production: BabyBjörn.

Design: Ergonomidesign.


Dan Nyman


Omid Ekhlasi