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"The award confirms that the outside world also appreciates BIO X"

Cellink won the prize in the 2019 edition of the Grand Award of Design for its bioprinter BIO X, which can print human organs. – It feels fantastic to win. The award is confirmation that we have developed well-thought-out technology and functional and user-friendly design, says Anton Andrén at Cellink.

In the design work, Cellink has collaborated with Semcon. When the award was handed out, representatives from both companies were on stage.

– This is big. It confirms that the world outside our small sphere, which otherwise consists of tissue researchers, also appreciates BIO X, says Anton Andrén at Cellink.

– It’s awesome to be a part of, and have contributed to, Cellink’s development from the time they started to where they are today. They are incredibly useful, says Markus Grip at Semcon.

The prize was awarded in though competition with four other finalists.

– Considering who we competed against, it feels incredibly good to be the ones receiving the award, says Markus Grip.

In addition to the honor, the prize consists of a check of 250,000 SEK. What is more important, the glory or the money?

– The honor, of course. It also gives us the confidence to enable other projects, says Anton Andrén.

As an example, he highlights a further development of the bio-printer, where it will be reviewed how the system can be connected with other systems. The researchers who use the printer often have very specific requests, and they will also be accommodated going forward.

What are you going to do with the money?

– We will develop the design linked to the user flow. That is what happens before, during, and after you use the device, says Anton Andrén.

The win will be celebrated together with all those who were involved in developing the product.

– We have a team of 35 people on the software, electronics and hardware side who have all been part of the project. Now we are going home and celebrate this together, says Anton Andrén.

What will be the first thing you do when you get back to the office?

– We will put the diploma on the wall and fix a snowboard rack for the price check.


Dan Nyman


Omid Ekhlasi