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3D bio-printer winner of the Grand Award of Design

CELLINK is awarded the 2019 Grand Award of Design for its 3D bio-printer BIO X. A bio-ink printer that prints complex human tissue structures in 3D. The prints can resemble, for example, skin, cartilage or bone and can be used in medical research.

Winner Grand Award of Design 2019: BIO X

Producing company: CELLINK.
Design: CELLINK and Semcon.

Motivation of the jury

“CELLINK has not only succeeded in building a revolutionary bioprinter, but has also made it available to researchers through extensive cost-effective collaboration. Through a smart, futuristic design that has a low threshold in use, they have laid the groundwork for solving complex problems.”

Audience’s favorite

The audience’s favorite in 2019 goes to the sofa system BOB from Blå Station with design support from Bernstrand & Co and Borselius Design.

Other finalists

In addition to BIO X and BOB, the other finalists were:

  • Altered: Nozzle from Altered Stockholm.
  • Renova – the green customer portal. Design support: inUse.
  • Multimedia synthesizer OP-Z from Teenage Engineering.


About the Great Design Prize

The importance of design for competitiveness and profitability is the background to why the employer organization Teknikföretagen established the Grand Award of Design in 2003. The annual award is given in collaboration with the Svensk Industridesign (SVID) and Svensk Form with the aim of recognizing business successes that are the result of integrated and consistent design work.

The prize sum for the winner of the Grand Award of Design is SEK 250,000 and is awarded to the design supplier. Half of the money is used freely, while the other half is to be donated to research projects in the field of design. “The audience’s favourite” is awarded with SEK 25,000, as are all other finalists.


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Omid Ekhlasi