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The importance of design in the technology industry - Design to conquer the world

As a strategic partner to Techarenan, Teknikföretagen represents a large part of the Swedish technology industry and the development of design in tech. Therefore, this branch is now being promoted with the seminar “Design to conquer the world”.

Design to conquer the world

Sweden is known globally for being a pioneering country in digitalisation, technology and design. Therefore, at Techarenan Summit, it has become increasingly important to also capture the design element, regardless of whether it is a product, service or user interface.

– Good design is a strong competitive advantage for technology companies. That is why, for example, the Grand Award of Design is now a part of Techarenan Summit, says Omid Ehklasi, CEO of Serendipity Communications and founder of Techarenan.

During this year’s Techarenan Summit, Teknikföretagen arranges the “Design to conquer the world” seminar where prominent technology companies such as Polestar, Cake and Ericsson participate.

The importance of design

Pär Heyden is head of brand at Polestar and is also one of the participants in Teknikföretagen’s seminar “Design to Conquer the World”. He tells us that design is not just about their car manufacturing or product options, but that it extends much further than that.

“We spend a lot of time designing all the experiences and interfaces customers have with our brand.”

Pär Heyden, Head of Brand Polestar

– You can’t sell an ugly car today. Many companies seem a little tired and can’t bear to go all the way and stick to their ideas. Compromises and too many focus groups have ruined many products, says Pär Heyden.

Higher consumer demands on design

He believes that the importance of design is unavoidable in a technology context, as all products that are manufactured have a design regardless of whether it is planned or not. At the same time, consumers place higher demands on everything from usability and climate impact – and design is an important factor there.

– The important thing is to see design, and the iterative creative processes it entails, as a tool for more than just a nice packaging of an already finished product, says Pär Heyden.


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Omid Ekhlasi