Solar cell solution wins Grand Award of Design 2020

Exeger is awarded the 2020 Grand Design Award for Powerfoyle. Powerfoyle is the solar cell solution that revolutionizes consumer electronics by using artificial photosynthesis to charge itself in both indoor and outdoor light.

Winner of the Grand Award of Design 2020

Powerfoyle from Exeger.


Motivation of the jury

“Powerfoyle is revolutionizing consumer electronics with its solar cell solution based on artificial photosynthesis, which charges in both indoor and outdoor lights and creates infinite energy. With a flexible design, which can be designed and adapted to the product it is integrated into, it paves the way for enormous commercial success.”

The audience’s favorite and the jury’s honorable mention

  • X Shore


Other finalists

  • Fristads Green from Fristads.
  • Globhe with design support from Above.
  • WISP Racerunner from RaceRunning Sweden with design support from Reload Design.


Dan Nyman


Omid Ekhlasi