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Here are the finalists for the Grand Award of Design 2020

The finalists for the Grand Award of Design 2020 have now been chosen and voting for the Audience Favorite is open.

The Grand Award of Design is awarded by Teknikföretagen in collaboration with Stiftelsen Svensk Industridesign (SVID) and Svensk Form to highlight the importance of design for competitiveness and profitability.

Fristads Green

Producing company: Fristads.
Design: Fristads.

Fristads Green is not only an environmentally friendly design concept at production and material level, but also a thorough, holistic acceptance of responsibility for the garment’s entire life cycle. The world’s first environmentally declared workwear collection shows a commercially successful and sustainable path for the future Swedish textile industry.


Producing company: Globhe.
Design: Above.

With qualitative, global and cost-effective image data, Globhe is a tool for predicting and combating natural disasters and disease outbreaks. The platform, which brings together 3,600 drone pilots in 48 countries, helps users such as the United Nations. A business model designed with a holistic, humanistic and commercial foundation.


Producing company: Exeger.
Design: Exeger.

Powerfoyle is revolutionizing consumer electronics with its solar cell solution based on artificial photosynthesis, which charges in both indoor and outdoor lights and creates endless energy. With a flexible design, which can be designed and adapted to the product it is integrated into, it paves the way for enormous commercial success.

WISP Racerunner

Producing company: RaceRunning Sweden.
Design: Reload Design.

Born out of a family need, the WISP RaceRunner is tailored to give people with functional diversity the opportunity to perform active sports. With finely honed functionality and attractive and inclusive design, it attracts – as well as draws attention to and instills pride in – a life-enhancing and innovative parasport.

X Shore

Producing company: X Shore.
Design: X Shore.

Through the combination of design, sustainability and technology, X Shore has developed the boat concept of the future. Electric powered without vibrations, noise and exhaust gases – without sacrificing speed. Designed down to the smallest detail, with earthy colors and materials, it sets a new standard in the boating industry.


Dan Nyman


Omid Ekhlasi