Finalist 2020: WISP RaceRunner

Finalist 2020: WISP RacerRunner The son’s functional diversity gave birth to the idea of the first Swedish racerunner. A model with new technology and a design that makes the user feel like a professional and proud athlete. Like Usain Bolt. When Pernilla and Sven Hanssen’s son Wiktor was born twenty years ago, he suffered from […]

Finalist 2020: Fristads Green

Finalist 2020: Fristads Green Dyeing technology that reduces water consumption by 75 percent, zero waste and special folding that eliminates the need for plastic packaging. Fristads Green is the world’s first environmentally declared clothing collection. Global textile manufacturing has a major impact on our planet. Fristads, which has been manufacturing work clothes since 1925, wanted […]

Finalist 2020: Powerfoyle

Finalist 2020: Powerfoyle Infinite energy, durability and freedom. Powerfoyle is the solar cell solution that revolutionizes consumer electronics by using artificial photosynthesis to charge itself in both indoor and outdoor light. Ditch the cords and not having to worry about your technology gadgets being discharged – while saving the planet. That’s the idea behind Powerfoyle, […]

Finalist 2020: X Shore

Finalist 2020: X Shore In an industry bound by tradition, the electric boat manufacturer X Shore challenges with innovative research, smart design and sustainable materials. With the speed of a combustion engine and the silence of an electric motor. Konrad Bergström thought that the boats on the market were a bit too expensive and poorly […]

Finalist 2020: Globhe

Finalist 2020: Globhe Globhe brings together 3600 drone pilots in 48 countries in a crowddroning platform that helps customers like the United Nations make the world a better place. The image data makes it possible to predict both natural disasters and disease outbreaks. Almost four years ago, Helena Samsioe had the idea to collect and […]


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